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بک لینک با کیفیت

Getting backlinks is as easy as subscribing to a spam site. Getting high quality backlinks, however, is a different story. The makeup of a high quality backlink is as follows:

۱٫ The main content of the linking page is similar to the anchor text’s topical relevance.

۲٫ The destination of the backlink is similar to both the content and page title.

۳٫ The PageRank of the page that is linking you is at a level 4 or greater.

۴٫ Rich keyphrases or targeted keywords are used as anchor text.

۵٫ If the backlink has the “dofollow” attribute.

۶٫ If the linking domain has a good trust rank and is seen as an authority in the industry.

۷٫ Backlinks from .edu and .gov sites are given special preference, as they are not allowed to be commercial.

۸٫ If the backlink is placed within the copy of the body text.

۹٫ If the backlink looks natural or is more likely to have been placed as a reference by a user.

۱۰٫ If the backlink is placed on a web page with less than 30 external links.

۱۱٫ If the linking root domains are unique.

۱۲٫ Backlinks that have seniority.

۱۳٫ If the building links vary in their anchor text.

۱۴٫ The anchor text of the backlink should meet the required keyword density in the title of the page, which is 40% or more, and the body text at 1 to 2%, and the destination page’s anchor text.

Getting these types of backlinks for free can be done without technical expertise, as there are plenty of web sites which detail how to create backlinks (it is more of a marketing effort with technical expertise able to make the process much, much faster), but the time and manpower spent on obtaining enough to keep up with competitors is often more than a growing or small business can withstand.

افزایش پیج رنک

Higher PageRank is the goal of many webmasters. It can be a challenge to raise it. Domain age, incoming links and number of pages that a website contains all figure into the rank of a page. You can work on each of these to improve the rank of a website or webpage.

The most common method that people use to increase their rankings is to get backlinks to their site. This is an effective method but is not the only one. The backlinks can come from anywhere but must not be nofollow links. Some places to get incoming links include forum commenting, article marketing and contacting other webmasters and requesting a link.

The method that takes the most time is domain age. Domain age is set. It increases but a year is a year. One way to get around domain age is to purchase a pre-owned domain. If you purchase a pre-owned domain, you can get a jumpstart on the age of your site. How long you have owned the domain has nothing to do with the age. If the domain existed for five years prior to your picking it up, those five years count as part of the total age.

Increasing the number of pages on your website is another way to increase a sites PR. Each page automatically receives a tiny amount of inherent rank. As you add more and more pages to your site, your site will increase in PR. The tiny amount of PR that each page gives to a site means that you need to add a lot of pages to cause an increase. This method works well for a person that wants a large site.

Increasing the PageRank of your website plays a role in how high your site will rank in the Google Search Engine. A site with a PR of zero will have to work hard to beat a site with a PR of four. This is one of the realities of search engine optimization. It is something that all webmasters have to deal with.

There are reasons other than ranking in the search engines to increase the PR of your website. If you want to flip your website or sell advertising the PR of your site will factor into the price that you can command. A high PageRank site will sell for many times the price of a low PageRank site. The links that you can sell will also sell for more the higher the PR of your site.

PageRank is important in many areas of Search Engine Optimization. It is not something that you should ignore or neglect. A site with high rankings commands respect amongst other webmasters. The search engines consider a high PR to be an authority in its niche.

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